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How to use Zoom for iMeetings!

Zoom is a multi-point video conferencing tool that seems to manage large groups much better than FaceTime. We have been using it for our "virtual" iMeetings.

First you need to install the app either on your Mac, iPad or iPhone. See for instructions and links. ALWAYS UPDATE to the latest version!!!

NOTE! You DO NOT need to setup a Zoom account to join a meeting. You DO NOT need to sign in! You only need to enter the Zoom meeting ID and password.

Once you open the app it will ask you to select an audio source (Internet or Computer Audio) and whether you want to connect with video as well. You can view video tutorials here:

Once the app opens, it will display an icon bar at the bottom of the screen. On an iPhone or iPad, the icon bar may disappear to de-clutter the screen, but tapping on the bottom of the screen will activate the icon bar and bring to the front. On the bottom left are icons for audio and video. On the bottom right, tapping the three dots will bring up a menu of options including a chat window for the meeting.

Because there can be a LOT of items appearing on the screen, we recommend using whichever of your devices has the largest screen.

MacOS start screen

iPhone/iPad start screen

Joining a meeting

Tap Join a meeting then enter the meeting ID and when prompted the password from the invitation email. Hit Join to enter the meeting.

Please enter your name in the "Name" box (it defaults to your device name). Otherwise we will end up with a dozen "iPad Pros" and will be unable to tell attendees apart.

Once you have joined the meeting the screen looks like this:

If you tap the 3 dots, you get these options:

Enjoy the meeting!

Page last modified on January 23, 2023, at 02:47 PM