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How to join MUGOO

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

Just show up at one of the meetings ... (not so easy during and since COVID)

Until we can resume meeting in person, we have suspended collecting dues. One of the largest expenses was room rental.

Why join?

Organizations like MUGOO used to be one of the best information sources because they were accessible and interactive.

This has certainly changed. Web sites have sprung up supplying news, reviews, opinions, and rumour. Software is downloadable for testing directly from the developer. The only limitation seems to be the time you are willing to invest hunting for the information or waiting for the download.

So why isn't MUGOO dead? Why have a meeting at all if it's all on the Web?

MUGOO continues to exist because people demand more than what the Internet can provide. It is not often you can have developers or power users provide a personalized presentation about the latest products in your basement.

No matter how good the internet is at bridging the vastness of the Mac community, it is still hard to beat six people sitting around a table hammering out a solution or exploring the options. Do the specs really tell you all you need to know? Ten minutes watching someone demonstrate a feature of a software title could save you hours of frustration or, better yet, money.

Membership rates

MUGOO charges an annual fee to its membership. This entitles a member to vote in executive elections, attend meetings for free, attend club SIGs, and win items offered as door prizes.

  • Annual fee: $40.00 per year (covers from September to August) Due to COVID the annual fee may be reduced or waived entirely.
  • Guest attendance fee: $5.00 per meeting Due to COVID the Zoom online meetings are free to attend for guests.

The money collected from fees pays for club expenses such as meeting facilities rental (presently not required), domain registrations, web hosting services, and other club expenses (for example, the monthly Zoom hosting fee).

How to pay

We are investigating several contactless payment options including e-transfers.

Membership application

If you are looking for a membership application, you can find it right here!.

Page last modified on October 14, 2023, at 07:42 PM