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2009-01-26 January Meeting

Started by ben schmidt, January 21, 2009, 08:29:44 PM

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ben schmidt

Hey MUGOOers!

It's a new year with new topics and even some new speakers! On tap for January:
- MacWorld 2009 with LeRoy Lees and Wally Cherwinski
- Facebook Part I with Natasha D'Souza -- Note: bring your laptop to participate!
- MarsEdit 2: publish your blog with Glen Sharpe

These items were cut due to time constraints. Maybe February?
- Geektool - commandline tricks with OS X, with Ben Schmidt
- Neil's Neat Net News: Obama overload, MUGOO malevolence, free (and legal!) movies

ben schmidt

Lots of New Purchases/Xmas gifts:

Q. Unhappy with new scanner performance. Could it be the light-source in the scanner?
A. Try obtaining photographic  test sheet and scanning it, to see if 'white' is scanning as grey.