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2006-03-27 March iMeeting follow-ups: Circus Ponies Notebook, AquamindsNoteTaker

Started by cbales, March 28, 2006, 11:47:57 AM

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NoteBook by Circus Ponies:

NoteTaker by Aquaminds

You may also want to check out Jojimbo by BareBones.

I'm not sure how Jojimbo will compare to the two mentioned last night, but BareBones makes great Software (BBEdit) so if you are in this market you should check it out.

ben schmidt

If you're interested in Circus Ponies' Notebook and/or Aquaminds' NoteTaker you may wish to see also the postings from Mugoo's December 2005 meeting:

2005-12-12: December Meeting -- CircusPonies' NoteBook & Thought Organizers...

especially for the links to Ted Goranson's definitive set of articles on outliners and thought organizers.