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Dale Robertson's well-received talk at the December meeting, generated a lot of interest in the CircusPonies' NoteBook application which Dale used in his demo. I look forward to Dale returning in the new year with more on NoteBook! In the interim, here are some great links to applications available to organize your thoughts in 2006!

The Group of Three: these three very different note-taking applications are often mentioned in the same breath:

- CircusPonies' NoteBook
- AquaMinds' NoteTaker
- HogBaySoftware's Mori formerly NoteBook
  July 2007 update: Now sold as by Apokalypse Software's Mori

As a background note, the developers of NoteBook and NoteTaker both previously worked on NeXTSTEP's original NoteBook application, but have taken different approaches in bringing that experience to their Mac OS X creations.

Ted Goranson has the definitive set of articles, written over the past couple of years, on tools for organizing thoughts and other non-quantitative data, using Outliners, mind mapping tools, document repositories, and of course Circus Ponies Notebook:

- About This Particular Outliner
all the best in 2006,

PS. For historical interest, here's an earlier, mid-2003 take by columnist, Giles Turnbull:

- Outboard Brains for Mac OS X

as well as Giles Turnbull's much more recent (Aug 2005) take on DEVONThink Pro:

 -Delve into DEVONthink
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