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2024-06-24 MUGOO Zoom iMeeting (last of the season!!)

Started by AdminMan, June 17, 2024, 08:28:32 PM

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We still cannot have in-person meetings at the library. So we will use Zoom.

Date: Monday June 24, 2024
Time: 7:30 PM ET  You can join the Zoom meeting starting at 7:20.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID:   836 5714 2227
Passcode:      113016

Although Zoom works in many browsers we STRONGLY recommend using the dedicated app on your device with the largest screen for the best experience.
You do NOT need a Zoom account to join a meeting!
If you need instructions, go here: https://mugoo.com/index.php/Main/UsingZOOM


0 - Group chin-wag during log on                                                                             7:20 - 7:30
1 - News and Views - Members' new tech arrivals                                                     7:30 - 7:40
2 - WWDC 2024 - the hot topic ... Apple Intelligence       with David Rhynas            7:40 -  8:45

3 - WWDC 2024 - other news                                            group discussion              8:45 -> onward

4 - Presidential Sign Off                                                  with Wally Kuzmicz              25.1  seconds                                                                                         

Unfortunately, no after meeting wings or desserts at the Royal Oak, but feel free to prepare your own snacks and share them with us on screen!

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Don't forget the Ottawa Public Library!
Even though we are unable to meet in person at the library, the OPL still offers a wealth of services you can access online. Go to https://biblioottawalibrary.ca/en


1 - News and Views - Members' new tech arrivals
Ross shared his experience with a new piece of hardware - a camera called Alice - that connects to a smartphone and uses its screen and software interface. The camera has a Micro 4/3 sensor which is 300% larger than that of an iPhone 15 Pro, essentially providing a professional mirrorless camera with a wide choice of lenses. It can store up to 60 frames per second at 1080p and 30 frames per second at 4K. Ross also mentioned the camera's open-source software, allowing for potential upgrades and new features. https://www.alice.camera

There was also some discussion about country-specific restrictions on Apple IDs, with Ross expressing frustration about potential issues for EU compliance. Marc suggested that one could switch between Apple IDs without losing data and shared his own experience of having multiple Apple IDs for different countries.

2 - WWDC 2024 - the hot topic ... Apple Intelligence - with David Rhynas
David provided a comprehensive overview of the big announcement at WWDC24 (Worldwide Developers Conference) two weeks ago. Apple Intelligence is Apple's unique branding for its suite of AI (Artificial Intelligence) features. It's a game changer and will likely impact everything we know and do. You can view David's presentation deck and remarks at https://mugoo.com/bigfiles/2024-06-24_Apple_Intelligence.pdf

This was followed by a lively discussion. The group considered the far-reaching impact of AI on daily life and its potential consequences.  David stated that AI is rapidly becoming a part of everyday living, while Ian pointed out its growing use among university students and the possible devaluation of degrees. Marc suggested that AI is highlighting existing problems rather than creating new ones, and Graham expressed concerns about individual control and potential manipulation. Ross highlighted the complexity of AI models and shared personal experiences with the system's challenging situations. Wally discussed Apple's strategy of improving features instead of introducing new ones and shared his worries about becoming a victim of scams.
Wally voiced his confidence in Apple's dedication to security and problem-solving, despite occasional hurdles. The group discussed the functionality of various Apple devices, confirming that many features could be used without a camera, and a microphone would only be necessary for specific features like Siri. The group also talked about the upcoming release of iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia, with features expected to roll out throughout 2024/25. Marc raised concerns about the development of powerful AI and large language models, citing potential dangers, inconsistencies, and energy consumption, with Chris noting the likelihood of continued development of low-end models for on-device processing.
Ross and Marc discussed the high energy consumption and environmental impact of location-based models like Google Maps and Apple Maps, emphasizing the need for a sustainable energy source. They also explored the potential for an 'opt out' point in engagement with AI, the need for safeguards and corrections in AI, and the role of government in regulating AI. The team engaged in a thought-provoking discussion about the influence of AI on decision-making, particularly in politics. The conversation ended with a reflection on the value of these sessions and an appreciation for David's skillful facilitation.

Because it was Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, the group decided to wind up a bit early.  Other announcements at WWDC24 will be reviewed at the September meeting, after our summer break.