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2022-06-27 MUGOO Zoom iMeeting (last of the season!)

Started by AdminMan, June 19, 2022, 12:43:15 PM

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We are still not having in-person meetings at the library, so the following Zoom details apply.

Date: 2022-06-27 (Monday)
Time: 7:30 PM ET  You can join the Zoom meeting starting at 7:20.
Venue: A Zoom meeting that you can join on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Although Zoom works in many browsers we STRONGLY recommend using the dedicated app on your device with the largest screen for the best experience.
You do NOT need a Zoom account to join a meeting!
If you need instructions, go here: https://mugoo.com/index.php/Main/UsingZOOM


0 - Group chin-wag while folks log on                                                                                7:20 - 7:30

1 - Open forum discussion of Members' experiences
     with announcements last year at Apple's June 2021 WWDC                                                 
     see:  https://mugoo.com/bigfiles/2021-06-28-WWDC21.key         -group                        7:30 - 8:30

2 - Group discussion of in-person vs Zoom vs hybrid
     iMeetings in the fall                                                                    -group                        8:30 -  8:50 

3 - Presidential Sign Off                                                    -with Wally Kuzmicz           0.5 minutes

Unfortunately, no after meeting wings or desserts at the Royal Oak, but feel free to prepare your own snacks and share them with us on screen!

Zoom meeting details:   <---  will only work for this meeting! Join any time after 7:20, meeting starts precisely at 7:30!!
Meeting ID:   856 8320 8833
Passcode:      775614

Did you miss a meeting?
Sign up for emailed meeting notices! https://mugoo.com/index.php/Main/MeetingReminders

Don't forget the Ottawa Public Library!
Even though we are unable to meet in person at the library, the OPL still offers a wealth of services you can access online. Go to https://biblioottawalibrary.ca/en


0 - Group chin-wag while folks log on
Linda is planning to purchase a new iPad which will display sheet music for her choral singing.  She inquired about the pros and cons of the newer iPad laminated display.  This query could not be answered during the meeting.  Overall, the laminated display will have better image quality, although this could be subtle, at a greater cost to purchase and repair.  It is particularly recommended if you want to read outdoors or use the Apple Pencil.


1 - Open forum discussion of Members' experiences
     with announcements last year at Apple's June 2021 WWDC

At the MUGOO meeting last June, David had presented an overview of new iOS 15 features that were announced at the World Wide Developers Conference, for release in the fall of 2021.  Now that the capabilities have been available for a while, we thought it would be interesting to hear member feedback, using that presentation as a checklist.

David opened with the comment that at this stage of his more elderly life, he is no longer an early adopter, and has not tried much on this list.  But in reviewing again, there certainly are some interesting features.

The new Facetime features included SharePlay to watch/listen to streaming media together, Share Screen (similar to Zoom), Spatial Audio, new microphone modes, arranging videos in portrait or grid mode (similar to Zoom), scheduling calls with FaceTime links (again, similar to Zoom).  Most of the meeting participants had not tried these features, and a comment was made "if you look at the age of faces in the images, that's the audience for this technology ... and it's not us."

Jamie has used FaceTime quite frequently with a range of people, and the spatial audio ended up being a really interesting add-on.  The newer iPad and macbook devices have multiple speakers and the spatial sound separation is really quite remarkable, for both voices and music.  It definitely enhances the call experience if you feel the sound is coming from the person who is actually speaking on your screen.  If there are several people in one of the locations at the other end, you can even sense sound movement back and forth withing that group.  Airpods 2 and 3 also support spatial audio.

David then stepped through the more recent iOS 15 features related to messages.  Most meeting participants have not tried these and fortunately are no longer at the time in their life where they have to be plugged in for 18 to 24 hours each day.

The new features in Apple Maps were then reviewed.  Jamie indicated that he still prefers Apple Maps over Google Maps for most things.  Apple Maps is integrated as part of Apple CarPlay, which while still a bit clunky is being visually improved in the fall.  LeRoy finds it convenient to have an appointment and address in his calendar, so that navigation directions are activated in CarPlay as soon as he sits in his car.  Pretty amazing.

With iOS 15 photos, Wally really likes the Memories automated collage capability which is synchronized to music.  The new text recognition and subject matter recognition is now available in photos or when using the camera.  Linda took a photograph of a leaf and it could identify the type of tree.   Automatic language translation can also be very helpful, especially when traveling in foreign countries.

Not all features are available on all Apple hardware.  You can download current iPad and iPhone User Guides from Apple Books for free and the hardware distinctions are outlined at the beginning of each manual


Several meeting participants are using the Apple Health app, which will work by itself on an iPhone and can be further enhanced with iWatch.  You can show the tracking results to you doctor.

With regard to privacy, Hide My Email generates unique, random email addresses that automatically forward to your personal inbox. You can read and respond directly to emails sent to these addresses and your personal email address is kept private. If you create an account with an app or visit a website that supports Sign in with Apple, you can hide your email address, if you'd prefer more privacy. With an iCloud+ subscription, you can generate unique, random addresses from your iOS 15 or later device any email field in Safari.

Your Driver's License in Apple Wallet will be recognized by Police in some provinces and states, but not yet in Ontario.  Apple Pay is more secure that using a credit card since the vendor cannot obtain any personal information about you.                                                 
2 - Group discussion of in-person vs Zoom vs hybrid
     iMeetings in the fall

The MUGOO Exec is considering how best to resume our monthly meetings in the fall.  Do we revert back to in-person gatherings at the Nepean Public Library, continue with Zoom or try some hybrid arrangement ... recognizing  this last option could pose technical challenges.  Gillian polled each meeting participant for their thoughts and comments, which are listed here in no particular order:
-   The meeting room cost per night at the library is believed be $70, to be confirmed.
-   Many would prefer the resumption of in-person meetings because they enjoy the personal interaction.
-   Zoom is preferred by those who find it cumbersome getting the library by bus or who prefer not to drive in from out of town.
-   Consider Zoom for bad weather days "when there is snow."
-   Some simply prefer the convenience of staying home.
-   Some like the fact that people can present or attend from anywhere in the world, which may attract a younger crowd.
-   Consider fall and spring meetings in-person, and winter meetings by Zoom (a different form of hybrid).
-   One member likes Zoom in the winter, but prefers the social aspect of in-person, could go with either, the important thing is to continue the meetings.
-   The Secretary likes Zoom for the aids in preparing minutes (meeting participants, live transcript, presentation decks).
-   Betwixt and between, easy nature of remote access, misses the social interaction.
-   Favours in-person, some of our members are far away, we would lose those participants and presenters.
-   Easy either way, to do hybrid properly would be hard, but hybrid if well done would be attractive.
-   A proper hybrid setup would have a phone camera at the back, microphone used by whoever is talking, share whatever is going up on the screen, someone would have to monitor the Zoom feed.
-   The Southminster Doors Open for Music works well (live streaming, excellent audio quality, different camera angles, and also with an in-person audience). 
-   Try the September and October meetings in person.  Zoom over the winter.
-   Plan for in-person, Zoom can be the fallback.

As a next step, Wally will check if the library room is available and then convene a meeting of the MUGOO executive in July.  We will advise the membership of our plan for September.