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Mail disappearing from Apple Mail

Started by Royston Neale, April 14, 2021, 08:07:52 PM

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Royston Neale


I booked my Cover-19 vaccination and got the confirmatory email on April 7th in my iCloud account.

I flagged it and went to print it today as a back-up.

But it wasn't there. I searched for it and there was nothing. I checked iCloud but no luck.

I rushed downstairs to my MacBook Air and opened Mail. There it was! I made a PDF and went to print it out when Mail crashed.

When I re-opened Mail the message seemed to vanish before my eyes. I did a few searches but no cigar.

I've rebuilt mailboxes, started in Safe Mode and run Disk Utility.

Nothing seems to work.

The message was stored on a Mac Pro 3,1 running High Sierra as is the MacBook Air.

It was on my iPhone SE but it has gone from there too.

I've searched on the InterWebs for answers but no joy.

Can anybody here help?