Author Topic: 2017-05-29 MUGOO iMeeting (1 week later than usual!! End of season!!)  (Read 1181 times)


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Greetings Mugoo-ites,

Our next iMeeting will be one week later than usual on Monday May 29th, 7:30 PM, Room 1B at Ben Franklin Place 101 Centrepointe Drive.  This will be the last meeting before MUGOO's summer hiatus (no meetings in June, July or August). Guests are welcome for a nominal $5 fee.   
We don't expect tweet-storms, threats or empty promises.  But do join us for this fine "treat-storm"...

1 - News, Views, and Rumours - Neil Herber
2 - Preview review, and Preview's new and cool features - Laurence Head and Marc Servant
3 - Break
4 - Are you Finding Finder Frustrating? ...  Path Finder to the rescue!! - LeRoy Lees and Chris Duguid
5 - Clips - creative video editor for iOS - Ferriss High and Lynda Matsumoto
     If you want a good overview and how to use clips, try this website...
6 - And if time permits ... Marc's Grab Bag of Utilities

As always there will be an after-meeting meeting across the parking lot at the Royal Oak.  Mondays are usually half-price wing night, and they have tasty desserts too.  See you on the 29th.

Prez Wally

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