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2010-11-22 Meeting Agenda

Started by fivespan, November 17, 2010, 08:02:10 AM

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  • News and views (everyone)
  • MUGOO Executive election
  • iMovie 2011 (Wally Cherwinski)


  • MacBook Air (LeRoy Lees)
  • iOS Tips and Tricks (Everyone)

ben schmidt

News and Views discussion notes, 22-Nov-2010 Mugoo Meeting

Apple iLife 11

MacBook Air 11" - barely larger than iPad

Apple iOS 4.2 update released today. Even runs on iPhone 3g and iPod Touch 2g (some features omitted) - scroll to bottom of link.

HITACHI Deskstar HD32000 IDK/7K (0S00164) 2TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive

Office 11 for Mac released. Returns VBA to Excel, but no word on whether statspacks return to Mac now?

Google Apps: Simple, free webhosting with email. And custom domain for nominal fee

One member picked up a copy of Scrivener 2.0, thanks to an excellent presentation by Wendy Cherwinski in September. Their TWITTER feed is: twitter.com/ScrivenerApp. See also Don McAllister's Screencastonline.com show #275 on Scrivener 2.0

Ebay shopping - don't lose out to last minute 'Snipers': free JBidwatcher app, courtesy of the great site for Mac software: macupdate.com

One member is the proud owner of an iPhone 4, having sold an earlier iPad WiFi and an iPhone 3gs (actually, he gave the 3GS to his wife so they are now an all-iPhone family) - the iPhone 4 meets all his needs. It even fits in his pants (and no, he doesn't wear Scottevest cargo's). A kindred speaker, noted pundit John Gruber of daringfireball.net fame, tweeted: The iPhone 4 is the best computer I've ever owned.

Finally a discussion of viewing (and listening to) PowerPoint Slideshow files (.pps) from anything other than a Windows or a Mac with Office or a PowerPoint Viewer installed. Summary: not possible to view on an iPad. Possible workaround: Edit ".pps" suffix to ".ppt", then open file in PowerPoint to extract multimedia and convert to mac-compatible format. e.g. if the sound format used were WMA, Macs can play WMA with the free Flip4Mac codec installed.

Finally a local Ottawa firm, Flick Mobile, has a free iOS app: Number Cruncher

PS. Additions from the break:
Wally, Ben's ultrathin iPad case: Argos Series leather case by SGP

Canadians wanting to order from US online sites that only ship to US, one option is to have item delivered to border Kinek pickup point.