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2009-10-19 October Meeting

Started by fivespan, October 08, 2009, 10:02:50 PM

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Draft agenda

  • News and views (Everyone ~25 Min)
  • AudioBoo for iPhone (Paul Timmins ~20 Min)
  • iPod Nano 2009 (LeRoy Lees ~20 Min)


  • Apple hardware announcements (none announced as of meeting time)
  • More on Snow Leopard


Audioboo details


An application for recording and sharing your audio with the world over the Internet. Social audio, if you will ...

Free iPhone app, free account, paid subscriptions not yet announced
Record up to a 5 minute Boo (even though iTunes says 3min)
Pause, append, restart and preview your segment before uploading
Keyword tag, geo-locate and name each Boo
iTunes integration for subscriptions
You can embed your boos in your other social media (Facebook, twitter, etc.)

Only iPhone subscribers can upload content (for now)
Cuing up multiple recordings is not possible
The geo-tagging happens from the upload location, not the "record" location
1.5 MB per minute of audio to upload (MP3 format) -- only useful on 3G and Wi-Fi
Buttons -- a few are small and difficult to select
Occationally, uploads fail and need to be restarted