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2009-09-28 September Meeting

Started by fivespan, September 03, 2009, 08:37:12 PM

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- Snow Leopard
 * Installation (Saving space, Rosetta, Disk drive space measures, cautions)
 * QuickTime
 * Services
 * BYO Experiences

- iPod updates (Sept 9th Event)
 * New device
 * iTunes update (version 9 and 9.01)

Special guest, Mark Maclellan from Apple.

See you there.

ben schmidt

  • Adoption rates for Snow Leopard. Daring Fireball Mac Nerdery site has over 50% Snow Leopard Adoption Rate in first 2-weeks by its Readers

  • MacSpeech Dictate, speech-to-text software, which has been demoed previously at Mugoo, has been updated to 1.5. This is a paid upgrade.

  • iP47BR Bluetooth speakerphone for your iPhone, by iHome. It also docks and recharges your iPhone, but docking is not necessary to use the speakerphone functionality

  • FireWire 800-400 adapter. Available at OtherWorldComputing.com a good, US-based Mac supplier. The new Mac Mini (2009) as well as the new MacBook Pro's only have firewire 800 receptacles. But firewire 800 is compatible with firewire 400 drives. The Firewire 800-400 adaptor allows you to plug in firewire 400 drives into these newer macs, using your existing firewire 400-to-400 cables. OWC also carries the very rare short-length firewire cables, in both the firewire 400-to-400 and firewire 800-to-400 versions.

  • Cable-identifier stickers by Dotz: for folks with long cables going under desks, etc. who want to visually know what cable connects to what.

  • Multitouch for desktop computers? Wacom Bamboo Touch adds a multitouch trackpad to your laptop or desktop. Gizmodo, 24-Sep-2009

  • Listen to CBC Radio over the Internet: CBC streams WMA format audio at these URLs: cbc.ca/listen/streams.html. A free WMA stream listener for iPhone/iPod Touch or your Mac, that also records: FStream

ben schmidt


  • Clone your Mac to an external drive before you upgrade to Snow Leopard, so you have have the option to back out if something goes wrong. Use the application SuperDuper to clone your Mac's drive. It's free for cloning. You can pay for additional features.

Tip: Highlight text in any Cocoa app (e.g. TextEdit), Shift-Command-Y creates a Sticky Note with that text.

ben schmidt

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