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2009-02-23 February Meeting Agenda

Started by fivespan, February 04, 2009, 09:02:46 PM

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Hi, All.

Small month, big meeting.

- Introductions, new-to-you goodies, and questions [Neil - 20 min]
- iPhoto: introducing you to "faces" and "places" [Laurence - 40 min]
- iChat for tech support? Now with remote control (requires Leopard) [Paul & LeRoy - 30 min]

[Break - 10 min]

- Wall-E's movie making story [Wally - 25 min]
- Neil's Neat Net News [Neil - 25 min]

  • free (and legal!) movies
  • Obama overload
  • MUGOO malevolence

Whoa. That's enough.

See you there,

Paul Timmins

ben schmidt

Recent Purchases by club members:

One lucky member is taking delivery of a new MacBook Pro 17", with the non-glossy display, now only available on this model.

Another member was happy with his purchase of Macaroni, an automated System Maintenance utility. It was remarked that this kind of utility is especially handy for laptop users, as laptops are less likely than desktops to be on in the wee hours of the morning when OS X normally schedules a lot of these daily, weekly, monthly background maintenance tasks.

AppleTV owners were encouraged to consider the atvflash, a $50 usb stick that adds new features to AppleTV

The newly released upgrade to GraphicConverter, v6.4, adds support for adding Geotags (i.e. GPS location information) to images, which then allows these images to work with iPhoto 09 Places feature.

Speaking of Geotagging, Nikon owners can add GPS to their cameras with the GP-1 GPS unit.

Henry's Photo is having their 100th anniversary and there are good sale values to be had.

Another member pointed out that the iPhone 3g supports Geotagging photos taken with it. More.

Finally folks shopping for low-priced cables, such as HDMI cables for home video or Ethernet cables, might checkout: Monoprice.com, PC Cyber Canada, and Compunation.


With regard to the atvflash unit discussed at our recent meeting, Mugoo members with AppleTVs might first read the following article taken from MacLife. A recent update to the AppleTV firmware might cause problems.