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2008-10-27 October Meeting, 7:30pm

Started by ben schmidt, October 09, 2008, 12:15:15 AM

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ben schmidt

New Apple Products - First look at the new Oct 14th Apple Products, with LeRoy Lees

Circus Ponies Notebook v3 with Glen Sharp


iPhone software v2 and Apple's App Store, with Laurence Head
    - includes hilarious spoof Rogers iPhone Ad fron CBC's 22minutes
Bluetooth Mice, with Ben Schmidt
    -A Better mouse? Bluetooth, not just for medieval Kings of Denmark.

The AppleTV round table
    -Why would you use one?

PS. DefaultFolderX, 40% off till midnight tonight, Mon, Oct 27: http://macpromo.com

PPS. Adobe CS4 Tour
Tuesday, Nov 4, 2008  08:30 AM-04:00 PM, at Adobe Ottawa Office
Adobe CS4 Tour:  Expressing Big Ideas in a Multimedia World

Meet the experts from Adobe Systems, Apple and Epson to learn how you can use the latest technologies.
Klondike Room, 343 Preston Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 1N4
For more details and to Register, go to: http://www.seminars.apple.com/goToEvent.html?id=76533&s=300

ben schmidt

As we're going to be talking about Bluetooth mice, folks may want to expand on what Bluetooth or wireless mice and keyboards they use. Or why they don't use wireless mice. Bring them along to the meeting, or reply to this thread with model number, and we can bring up the corresponding descriptive webpage on the big screen at Monday's meeting.


Specifically I'll be talking about my new Logitech v470 Bluetooth travel mouse, with which I'm very pleased.

..and I'll contrast and compare it with my first Bluetooth mouse, the Radtech BT500 Bluetooth.

As well as with these non-Bluetooth wireless devices I use:
- Cord and Cordless versions of the Logitech Trackman Wheel
- BenQ M310 wireless mouth.

Perhaps some folks may want to share their experiences with on other cordless mice, such as the highly rated Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks


Have a Logitech M/N M-RAA93 (assume means Model/Number) a wireless two button + scroll wheel mouse. Use a click, double click, and click hold (for dragging) which can be assigned to any button or push down scroll wheel. This  not possible with the Mighty Mouse (wired or wireless). Won't work with OS 5 unless extensive purging of old Logitech Control Center software so am interested in what's available to replace it. With my hands going I use right index finger for single click on right button ( because it's the best way for me to hold the unit), wheel push down for double click, and left button (clicked and then released) for dragging - all with my right index finger.
PS. This done with MacSpeech DICTATE! Their user form indicates some very serious problems with the latest 1.2 version, such that I'm not going to upgrade 'til all is fixed. Willing to tell, all I need is 1 minute. Jim K


One of the questions asked at the meeting was whether CP notebooks can be synced with iphone (or Ipod touch).
One way of doing this is saving the notebook or portion thereof as a RTF format file and using Phoneview to transfer it to your iphone.
You can read and edit the notebook on your iphone and use Phoneview to reintegrate it into your notebook on your Mac.
For all the details check out this link to the forum at CP notebook.

If there is interest I can present Phoneview at a future meeting as it has a lot of useful features for transferring information between your Mac and iphone.


For anyone interested in the CP notebook yearly journal I showed at the meeting the template can be obtained by emailing the Australian originator.
Peter Trist <pettri@ozemail.com.au>
He usually responds to requests by sending the template as an email attachment the same day.
The 2009 version will probably be available as we get closer to 2008 year end.