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2008-07-28 July iMeeting

Started by fivespan, July 09, 2008, 09:25:12 PM

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Agenda  -- Draft --

iPhone news and strategies - group participation
Google Reader - Paul Timmins
Times News Reader - LeRoy Lees
Mobile Me - LeRoy Lees
iTouch 2.0 - Lynda Matsumoto


Paul Timmins

ben schmidt

Links from Anyone-Bought-Anything-New and Questions-And-Answers

Flip video Mino series camcoder, 60 minutes or more
- ridiculously easy to use, built-in USB plug, no tapes, no fuss: ~$200
- theflip.com
- Amazon.com reviews
- 'Or a snake': Example video courtesy John Gruber, of the DaringFireball.net Mac Nerdery blog
  - MacWorld: Review: Flip Mino, 30-July-2008

iDive Question re: iDive which was on Mac Update's daily deal, 28-July
- Related software (video conversion) brought up in discussion
   - ffmpegX video/audio encoder, $15 registration
   - VisualHub video converter, ~$25
   - Perian, quicktime component that adds additional video format support, donationware
   - VLC media player media player, donationware

iPod Touch refurbished
  - Go to Apple Canada store: http://store.apple.com/ca
  - lower left-hand corner is labeled 'Special Deals':  Refurbished iPod Touch $CAD 209 + free shipping

Tracfone (US cell provider)
  - tracfone.com
  - $15 phone!  http://tracfone.com/phone_details.jsp?model=TFC139

iPhone - Rogers' plan
  - Rates
  - Voice plan monthly fee + $30/month for 6GB data + $15mth visual voicemail/call display
  - May need to call Rogers to ensure visual voicemail setup/working properly