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2008-05-26 May iMeeting

Started by fivespan, May 07, 2008, 09:07:51 PM

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Hi All,

May long weekend? That's history.

- Fotomagico 2.2 with Ruth Sprott
- HoudahSpot (Spotlight unleashed) with Ben Schmidt
- Sign up for MUGOO email notification
- Mac Gems with Paul Timmins & Ben Schmidt
- future MUGOO meetings - a conversation
- TimeCapsule with Ferriss High

See you there,

Paul Timmins
Meeting Coordinator

ben schmidt

Mac Tip -- Using Password Assistant to generate passwordsYour Mac can automatically generate passwords, or report on the quality of a password you're using.

This Password Assistant feature is buried in the Utilities/Keychain Access.app

There are no doubt other ways to to get to this assistant, but here is one way:

1) Open the Keychain Access.app
   (Located in the Utilities folder, within the Applications folder)

2) Select Change Password for Keychain... from under the Edit menu

3) Click on the key icon in the window that appears

4) The Password Assistant window will now be open.

Using the Password Assistant:

a) By default it's set to show 'memorable passwords'
    If you slide the slider, the memorable password will increase in length, as
    will the horizontal 'thermometer' indicating the quality/strength of your password.

b) You can also change to "Letters & Numbers", "Numbers Only", etc.

c) When you're happy you can copy the Suggested password, close the Password Assistant window, and press Cancel on the "New Password for Keychain..." window.