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2007-12-10 iMeeting Agenda

Started by fivespan, December 02, 2007, 10:46:54 PM

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Hi All,

This MUGOO meeting is special in two ways:

1.  the meeting is held early in the month (Dec 10); and
2.  it's all about showcasing member achievements with their Mac.

Each person who chooses to demo their work should sign up by sending an email to meetings@mugoo.com. Include the following:

  • your name,
  • presentation topic,
  • the time to setup, and
  • the time to demonstrate (15 max)

I will track presenters below. We'll work out the order at the start of the show.

People on the agenda so far:

Wally Cherwinski - Surprise presentation!
Graham Fawcett - iPhoto Calendar
Ferriss High - DVD of Scotland
Leroy Lees - DVD of Western Canada
JF Aubarbier - slide show
Neil Herber - Tiny hardware
Laurence Head - DVD Slide show
Tobias - hardware hack

It is always fun, so I hope to see you out. Time permitting, we'll also look at some of your favourite freeware apps.

Paul Timmins