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At the last meeting we saw a couple of Magical x86 boot CD's working on an Intel Mac, during the "Windows on a Mactel - Neil Herber" presentation.  I haven't seen anything on the Internet reported about things like that working.  What were the 2 boot CD's that worked, and what was the name of the gentleman who was demoing it?  Was it actually Neil Herber?

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Re: What were those Intel Boot CD's we saw working on an Intel Mac.
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Yes, it really was Neil Herber, and the products shown or mentioned included:

UBCD4Win or the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows:

UBCD4Win is based on Bart's Preinstalled Environment, or BartPE:

I would recommend BartPE as a starting point - the UBCD includes a pile of stuff you may never use.

An excellent tool for taking "snapshots" of a Windows hard drive is Drive SnapShot (duh...):
think of it as Carbon Copy Cloner for Windows.

The really daring may want to experiment with GpartED, the Gnome Partition Editor:

WARNING: I have NOT tried GpartED on an Intel Mac, but I would be interested to know what it does ...

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Mugoo's own Neil Herber (who is either our most Mac-savvy PC user or our most PC-savvy Mac user) has made with the topic of his April 2006 Mugoo presentation. See:

 Use a Windows emergency CD on Intel Macs

Mind you they didn't get Neil's name spelt correctly (as in at all), but your friends all know who you are Neil!


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