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Title: How do I remove a post when my item is sold????
Post by: AdminMan on November 05, 2005, 03:40:41 pm
If you have a "for sale" item that has been sold or a "looking for" item that you have bought, then just add a reply to your message that says something like "Item sold for $2" or "Found one at fleamarket". AdminMan will move these threads to the "Sold or Old" archive.

Editing the title or original message body leaves the item buried in the middle of all the posts and very hard to see.  When you add a reply to the thread, it moves it to the top of the list where AdminMan can see it and it sets the "unread" flag (an edited title does not).

The posts are often picked up by Google, and bring new visitors to our site. Many people use the posts to get a rough idea of "going rates" for various items. If you delete the body of the post, the new visitor get frustrated and leaves.

If MUGOO helped you sell your item, then please help MUGOO in return.

Despite repeated requests not to edit posts, people kept doing so. Editing was disabled to prevent such changes.

NOTE: If you need any post removed for some reason, please contact AdminMan, and tell him why.