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All About MUGOO

The National Capital Macintosh Club is the incorporated name of the club. For several reasons, we have modified our "operating" name to MUGOO, or Macintosh User Group of Ottawa. Why the change?

  1. NCMC was difficult to promote to prospective members since it wasn't apparent what the acronym stood for. Few people associated "NC" with "National Capital" and "Macintosh", the main focus of the club was buried in the name. MUGOO puts Macintosh right at the beginning. "MUG" is also a common string of letters used by Mac user groups and many people refer to this type of club collectively as "MUGs".
  2. The regional amalgamation of cities and municipalities along with the success of the Ottawa Senators have increased the profile of the city name. When we use "National Capital", Americans thought we were from Washington DC.
  3. was available and the ".com" domain is the default for browsers. Also, was not as memorable and difficult to promote.
  4. [Muh-goo'] sounds really neat.
Page last modified on July 21, 2008, at 09:26 PM